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Let There Be Leads

The first step in our client's road to an epic direct outbound campaign is on-boarding. Our clients provide us with an on-boarding document that has detailed information about their business, their sales goals and their ideal client persona which we fine-tune while applying prospecting best practices. 

We use the following strategies and research to be able to send the right message to the right people at the right time:

  • Lead Generation Strategy

  • LinkedIn Strategy (SMB, vendor, Enterprise)

  • eMail Strategy (SMB, vendor, Enterprise)

  • Industry Copy/Messaging Research

  • Deep dive competition research

  • ICP (Ideal Client Persona) creation

  • Industry Engagement Research

  • Relevant LinkedIn Groups, Facebook groups, Quora, Blogs & Articles

  • Multiple Variations of messaging

  • Segmentation Strategies

  • In-depth prospect research (recently funded, acquired, etc.)

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